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Significant Reasons Why It Is Essential to Limit the Amount Time Children Spend On TV
Research shows that children as young as 8 years of age spend a whopping four hours and more of their day in front of a screen across the world today. It is thus true to say that screen time takes more time than other crucial things such as schooling, doing homework and bonding with family when it comes to the modern child’s life. It is great when the kids maximize their entertainment time on video games as especially if one has to take out a loan to pay for the same as it also helps them to stay out of trouble as well. There is an ongoing awareness across the globe today explaining why it is no longer fun and a joke to allow little kids to spend so much time on the screen in the name of getting out of trouble or keeping them busy. For any parent that may be making the mistake of allowing the young ones to watch too much TV and play games on their computer, they should read through some of the effects that they may be exposing the kids to as discussed below.

It is vital to note that allowing kids to have excessive screen time does not leave them with any time to take part in the physical exercise which compromises their process of growth and development. It is true that when a kid spends most of their time, they will not have a chance to go outdoors to play which compromises their physical health in the long run. Growing up in the past mostly allowed kids to play outdoors as much as they could and only did come back when the mom called them back to the house when it eventually became dark and everyone had to go to their homes. Life has entirely changed and playing today is all about jumping from one screen to another and all a group of kids can relate to is going to a friend’s house to watch a TV show or movie and they are done. It is for such reasons that every one in five children in the US is obese which explains why it is time to cut on the screen time and push the kids to go out and play as it allows them to stay active and healthy.

It is also very difficult for a parent to control what the kids access during their screen time which is another reason to minimize the same as well. Playing outdoors is the best solution as it limits the risk that comes with inappropriate content on the internet. Other parents do not have so much time to monitor their online activities or set up the super sophisticated controls as well which leaves one with no other option than cutting on the screen time that the children may be having.

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