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Some Getaway Places That Can Be Suitable for Holding a Birthday Party in New York City

A birthday can be held in a getaway place with loved ones. Your birthday party could be coming up, and you are looking for a place to have fun, unwind and loosen up. Having a birthday party at home can be a deal breaker to some while you may not have as much fun as you might have in a getaway place for a weekend or even a week. There are several places someone can visit in New York, and it can be tough to find that which is best for you. Here are some of the top getaway places you can hold a birthday party in New York City.

You can have a birthday party in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is a beautiful place with great beaches, ponds, lighthouse and it is a popular vacation place. Couples get a chance to feel romantic and enjoy the beach sunsets and the warm air. here are activities that you can do over there like go swimming, beach walks, fishing and even golfing. It would be the best place to be if you are looking for a romantic birthday getaway.

Newport City in Rhode Island is another getaway place for a birthday party. It is roughly over three hours from New York and is therefore very close, and it can make a great getaway spot for the weekend. The people in this area mostly have yachts which makes it the perfect spot for a sailing regatta that is done yearly. There are great museums to visit in that place, and it has very welcoming residents.

You can have a getaway birthday party in New York at a place called Finger Lakes. It is surrounded mostly by a wooded area, lakes, waterfalls, and hills. It is a more serene environment, and you can choose many places that you may want to hang out as you can even get rentals that are very close to the water. Finger Lake-town has breweries and also wineries, and you may want to visit them.
Another great place to go for a getaway birthday party is the Catskill Mountain. This place has spectacular mountain views. There are many places that you can catch the best views; it has a forest, wildlife, hiking tracks, and ski resorts. Best suited for nature, ski, and hike lovers. It can be a great weekend getaway because it is a few hours from New York City. There is the likelihood that you can make regular visits even after the birthday as it is closer to New York.