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The Essential Elements Of Southern Style Clothing

When describing the south, majority of people use the word feeling and place interchangeably and on the same line. This is equally demonstrated in the southern style clothing which is geared towards blending with the climate. There are certain crucial clothing elements that help the fashion of the south to be prominently in elegance and class.

Boots are essential element of the southern style clothing. You will find that the boots are designed to achieve the rustic and lived-in look. The flat riding boots match perfectly with your jeans to give you the elegant look. You can go to the church, games, or dinner with them.

An essential element of the southern style clothing is the denim jacket. The jacket will go well if added over a feminine piece like the little black frock, sweeping maxi dress or a lace dress. As a result, you will be able to get a look that fits everyday use. Choosing the denim helps you change a dressy outfit into a casual one. In case you are in dilemma as to what to wear, a denim jacket slipped over your favorite dress will be good bet.

The southern style clothing will not be complete without the family heirlooms. Refurbishing and recycling are deeply entrenched in the southern culture. You will not find this practice only in homes but in outfits as well. It is not rare to find a southerner wearing clothing items that have been passed down from their grandparents. Since vintage never goes out of fashion in the south, new pieces that resemble the family heirlooms will be purchased. Cashmere cardigans, rings and watches are some of the items that fall under this category.

That bigger is better is a belief that is clearly exemplified in the southern style clothing. This is seen more when it comes to accessorizing where you will find necklaces, big purses and big rings. Nowadays pearls have been replaced with colorful and oversized items. You can match the accessories perfectly with denim, party dresses and boots.

The southern style clothing has an element of fearlessness when it comes to colors. Bright colors are a hot selling commodity in the south. Basic black is not considered as a big basic in the south and wearers are viewed as out of place. Southerners are fond of colored cashmere, colored coats and colored pants.

An essential element of the southern style clothing that has the impact of instantly boosting your mood is the right choice of heels. A woman who wants to feel feminine and powerful should step out in heels.

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